Ready to meet a dinosaur?

Travel back in time with us and come face to face with some of the most amazing creatures ever to walk our planet! Jurassic World features 2 hyper-realistic dinosaurs (equipped with state of the art robotics and sound)  as well as 6 other dino-themed animals. Learn more.

Downward Dogs and Bunny Hops!

While we visit many schools, libraries, birthday parties, and retirement homes, we also love to encourage positive interactions with our animals through other fun activities as well! You can most definitely get creative when it comes to booking us and discuss with our office staff about your ideas. Our animals have participated in many video/photoshoots, […]

Have you met Cairo?

Cairo is one of our lovely Savannah cats who has won the hearts of everyone who has met him. From university stress busters to therapy sessions and pet expo, he has been a super star. He loves to meet people and just wants to come say hi. While his older brother King Tut may be […]


Look at these beautiful images of some of our furry animals! Which is your favourite?