Bonding With Aspen
Aspen Lynx with creamsicle background


Seth has known Aspen since she was a kitten — she is one of the three types of lynx found in Canada.

“Being her trainer has been a total treat,” said Seth Falk. “I don’t mind cleaning up her cat doodoo; however, it’s a lot more than most house cats.”

  • Did you know that Lynx’s feet are webbed?
    This helps them distribute their weight so they don’t fall through the snow while hunting using their feline snowshoes!
  • Did you know, hare is the lynx’s favourite snacks?
    Lynx love hare so much that their population is dependent on the population of Snowshoe Hares.

To learn more about lynx’s and Aspen watch the video below and make sure to follow Seth’s Amazing Pets.

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