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As a child, Seth spent all his time learning about animals; at 19, he got his first parrot – Zoe the Macaw.

In an effort to socialize Zoe, Seth would regularly volunteer at his local Long-Term Care Home. These interactions enriched the lives of many senior residents (and Zoe), and became a positive experience that steered Seth into a lifelong career.

In 2011 Seth turned his passion for animals into a business – Hands on Exotics. Throughout the past decade, his business has grown into an outreach organization that offers programs including:

  • animal assisted therapy,
  • animal education, and
  • the facilitation of animal actors on film, television and in fashion photography.


Hands on Exotics does not receive public funding and the care of animals is made possible through programming and services, as well as our team of volunteers.

Get to know the team behind Hands On Exotics

We have a dedicated group of zookeepers who help to support our wonderful team of animals.

Our Mission

Our mission at Hands On Exotics is to:

  • Raise awareness for conservation issues and responsible pet ownership through positive interactions between people and animals; and
  • Use our financial resources from our programs to help animals that may in need and other wildlife and conservation initiatives.


We realize our mission through three main areas; outreach, programing, and advocacy.

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Seth Falk


Conservation Efforts

There are different wildlife conservation strategies out that many amazing people put hard work into. However, we are a very small organization and do not have the facilities to run large conservation projects like breeding programs on endangered animals. Education and personal experiences are how we contribute to the fundamental change in society’s attitude necessary to conserve wildlife – we want to show people why they should care! We also endeavor to use our funds and help conservation issues when possible.

At Hands on Exotics, we want to do what we can to prevent rainforest habitat loss from mining. Learn more about the issue and how you can help below:

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Everything Started Here

In 2011, Hands on Exotics started through programming at local nursing homes. Now we offer services to hospitals, adult day programs, autism and special needs groups, and other similar facilities on a regular basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve taken some time to gather some frequently asked questions. We’ve organized them into three areas below. Have a question that is not addressed below? Feel free to contact us,  and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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