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Hands on Exotics spares no expense looking after our animals. But with high standards of animal care come very high costs – exotic animals have very specialized environmental and diet requirements.

Maintaining the standards of care that keep these animals happy involves having specialized veterinarians, specialized diets, expensive enclosures, weekly changes in toys and enrichment, and a large team of volunteers and placements. Learn more below:

Volunteer With Us

Volunteers are an integral part of our team to ensure the animals are happy and healthy. We are always looking for dedicated volunteers to join our team!

Meeting and playing with exotic animals is rewarding but is a very small part of this role. Most volunteers spend time:

  • scrubbing and disinfecting cages,
  • decorate enclosures,
  • cleaning poop,
  • socializing and training new animals
  • helping at events, and
  • other tasks necessary for the animals’ care.

If you think you’re ready and willing to help us maintain our high standard of care for the animals, read the following information and apply to become a part of our volunteer team. 

Volunteer Application

Application Form

For those looking to volunteer in a capacity other than animal care, please email us at volunteer@handsonexotics.com to discuss what can be done for our organization before filling out the volunteer application form.

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Co-op Education Placement

Hands on Exotics welcomes students who wish to apply for a co-operative education placement as part of a school program or requirements.

We’ve had many successful students from local high schools, Durham College, Seneca College, and more. As with our volunteers, working with us is not all about playing with animals, but involves hard work including scrubbing and disinfecting cages, cleaning poop, and other tasks necessary for the animals’ care.

This opportunity will allow you to gain experience and insight into animal husbandry as you will see the inner workings of caring for a large range of exotic animals.

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