Hands on Exotics Celebrates Johnny Orlando’s Juno Nomination!
Johnny Orlando Hands On Exotics


Johnny Orlando, a two-time MTV Europe Music Awards winner, and Mississauga native was recently nominated for a Juno Award.

” I want to congratulate Johnny Orlando on his Juno Nomination for Best Pop Album!” said Seth Falk, Owner of Hands on Exotics. “We were so excited to work with him on his Party music video; throughout the process, his whole crew was very conscious of our animal’s needs, and they were able to create a beautiful video while sharing our love for wild animals!”

Take a look a the video below to see one Hands on Exotic’s talented animals:

Phelin, the Catalina Macaw

Popcorn, the Albino Boa Constrictor

If you would like to book any of these animal actors for film, television, fashion shoots or a virtual show, feel free to contact us.

Visit Johnny Orlando’s website


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