Hands on Exotics Wraps Season 3 of “Les poilus”
les poilus


Hands on Exotics recently completed filming Season 3 of Les Poilus.

Described as a sort of Tonight Show for furry pets, Les poilus rolls out a whole slew of entertaining interviews, animals, guest stars, games, and feature segments to reveal the animal kingdom in all its glory.

Veterinarian Sébastien Kfoury and his team have a blast showing you animals like you’ve never seen them before. Mimicking the look and feel of a classic late-night talk show – right down to the house band.

In this season, a number of animal actors from Hands on Exotics were featured!

If you would like to book any of these animal actors for film, television, fashion shoots or a virtual show, feel free to contact us.

Watch the entire season on CBC!


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