Animal Assisted Therapy

Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Adult Day Programs, and more
Package Time

1 hour+

Interaction Level

Hands on


Starting at $275 + HST

This is where Hands on Exotics started and it remains a huge passion for us. Hands on Exotics currently visits nursing homes, hospitals, adult day programs, autism and special needs groups, and other similar facilities on a regular basis.  Most of these programs end up booking us for regular visits.

  • Contact us with your preferred date/time and location
    • Please indicate what group type you may be: long term care, retirement home, special needs, day program, etc.
    • Please let us know if you are interested in booking multiple visits
  • For new clients or clients who have not booked for a while, a booking form may need to be completed. For return customers, we may be able to just verify all the information we have on hand for an invoice to be generated.
  • Deposits may be required for bookings >$500, but generally we are happy to accept a cheque in the full amount mailed prior, day of, or at least 30 days after the booking date.
  • We are very hands on with almost all of the animals (though just how hands-on we are depends on the mental and physical capabilities of the group we are working with).
  • While we aim to be educational, our primary goal is to give each participant an opportunity to touch, hold, interact with and get pictures with each animal.
  • We are experienced with all forms of physical and mental disability and visit many dementia wards.
  • Over time, people get to see all of our animals, learn their names, and form relationships with them.
  • For locations we visit often, we keep track of what animals are brought and do our best to bring different animals each time!
  • We do either group presentations or room to room visits
  • Group presentations work best in an enclosed room with everyone seated in a large circle or seated in rows with large gaps in between for the handler to walk through
  • Groups of up to 30 work well. Really large groups do not work as well as participants have to wait a long time for their turn with each animal
  • Number and types of animals depend on the format, duration, # of participants and other logistics
  • We can do multiple formats in the same home to make sure everyone gets a chance!


Examples: At Leisureworld St George we spend 2.5 hours (30 minutes on each of the five floors – 20 minutes in the common area, 10 minutes room to room). At the Westbury, we do 3 hours room-to-room visits. At Leisureworld Lawrence, we do 4 30-minute group visits, one per floor.

  • A parking spot as close to where we are offloading as possible.
  • A quiet and controlled environment for the animals. If at any point the noise level becomes too loud or the participants are unable to follow our safety rules, our handlers reserve the right to stop the presentation.

Booking us for Animal Assisted Therapy is simple.

  1. Select the Animal Package you are interested in for this event ( scroll down to see Animal Packages in the  blue section below).
  2. Fill out the Booking Inquiry form on this page.


Feel free to give us a call if you need any advice or information. +1-416-354-3003

NOTE: You can add additional time to your show at $120/h (per handler).

If you like to add an additional handler to your package, please ask for a quote.

Inquire About Booking Animal Assisted Therapy

Booking us for a School or Children’s event is simple.

  1. Select the Animal Package you would like to book for the event
  2. Fill out the form below.


Feel free to give us a call if you need any advice or information. Once submitting the form, our team will be in contact within 48h. 

NOTE: When requesting add-on animals, please understand that additional fees will apply. Your animal selection will be confirmed prior to booking and are subject to availability.

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Do not hesitate to give us a call. We are an expert team and we are happy to talk to you.

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