School and Children's Programming

Schools, Camps, Libraries, Daycares, etc.
Package Time

1 hour+

Interaction Level

Hands on


Starting at $275 + HST

Give your students a chance to really connect with what they’re learning about by bringing an immersive, hands-on animal presentation to your classroom! Our programs can discuss topics related to animal biology, conservation, and other curriculum based topics as requested. We have handlers with knowledge and experience to engage all ages include kindergarten all the way to university and more!

We present to groups as small as 1 -5 people to groups larger than 500.  We recommend booking an extra handler for larger events to help maximize interaction time. However, we can work with you to make numerous interactions work with all group sizes.

  • Additional time can be added to cover multiple classes up to a maximum of 5 separate groups in one day (longer time frames may required a break scheduled as well)
  • Time can be partitioned as you prefer (i.e. within one hour split the time into two 30 min classes for younger students with shorter attention spans).
  • Contact our office with the number of classes, age ranges, and number of students per class if you would like advice on how to best divide your time!
  • Handlers arrive 15 min early for set up.
    • If you believe that your venue will necessitate longer load-in time (downtown venues, large buildings, etc.), please discuss with us to add time to allow for load-in and load-out.
  • Students can sit in a half circle in an open area (i.e. the gym or empty class floor) facing inwards with the handler and animal carriers at the front or students can sit at their desks/in rows if there is enough room between for the handler to walk through safely
  • For multiple sessions, the handler should be set up in a static location
    • Typically, we are set up in the gym or library and the classes take their turns rotating in for their session
  • A parking spot as close to where we are offloading as possible.
  • An adult to watch over animal carriers for the few minutes when we are offloading to make sure no one is peeking or poking into carriers.
  • Adult presence during the presentation to facilitate the children. Please remember that our job is to handle animals. It is not our place to be parents to the children as well. Besides, we love it when adults join in too!
  • A quiet and controlled environment for the animals. If at any point the noise level becomes too loud or the participants are unable to follow our safety rules, our handlers reserve the right to stop the presentation.

Booking us for School and Children’s Programming is simple.

  1. Select the Animal Package you are interested in selecting for the event (scroll down to see Animal Packages in the  blue section below).
  2. Fill out the Booking Inquiry form on this page.

Feel free to give us a call if you need any advice or information. +1-416-354-3003

NOTE: You can add additional time to your show at $120/h (per handler).

If you like to add an additional handler to your package, please ask for a quote.

Inquire About Booking a School or Children's Program

Booking us for a School or Children’s event is simple.

  1. Select the Animal Package you would like to book for the event
  2. Fill out the form below.


Feel free to give us a call if you need any advice or information. Once submitting the form, our team will be in contact within 48h. 

NOTE: When requesting add-on animals, please understand that additional fees will apply. Your animal selection will be confirmed prior to booking and are subject to availability.

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